Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden salad

Do you remember when every menu had a garden salad? And it would be iceberg, pink tomatoes and perhaps some cheese, and you

Garden salads are back, of course, and this time they mean it. If it's not from the garden you have to leave Brooklyn. And Eve thought leaving Eden was bad. I'm being silly. Making fun of Brooklyn locavoraciousness was how my roof farm started, remember?

This was from my mom's garden, and it is her salad. I judge restaurants by their salads and my mom's restaurant is very good. Everything apart from the sunflower shoots, which came from The Food Barn. Lettuce (name unknown), Tulbaghia flowers, Nasturtiums


  1. Not more hesitations, Marie I am coming over ;-)

  2. Oops...I meant no more hesitations

  3. Nutritious AND pretty. What more could one ask. Easy to see where you inherited your talent!


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