Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Abalimi in Soiled and Seeded

The second edition of Soiled and Seeded went live today. The not-for-profit e-zine is Toronto-based but international in scope and covers all things gardening: its mission is "to cultivate a garden culture that restores our connection to the natural world and redefines our relationship to plants."

My overview of Abalimi bezekhaya's work is in this winter edition.

You will also find stories about an 81-year-old Californian inventor-composter, an ode to a winter garden in Germany, and a gallery of pictures from an unusual Toronto corner store, posted by Soiled and Seeded's co founder Mikaƫl Lavogiez. And more.

Speaking of carrots. I tested my carrot soup recipe the other night (it helps to do that every once in a while), and found a rather delicious variation, adding orange juice.


  1. Is that razor wire in the second photo?

  2. Oops! I've just read Soiled and Seeded.It is razor wire.

  3. this is amazing Marie. what an exciting publication!

  4. Love the first shot, wonderful!


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