Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts from nature

I interpreted my theme rather loosely over at Shelterpop, but there you'll find a list of pretty, delicious, interesting things that caught my eye this year, or which are established favourites, and that I think are a worthy gift or present to yourself.

I was happy to be able to include three bloggers as inspiration: From Massachusetts, Thomas, of A Gardening Tradition, whose flourishing Meyer lemons call to me in high lemony voices in the night; Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based Bonbon of Your Destiny is Stone Golden, whose smoothly tactile animal-ornamented money clips (she has very nice leafy earrings, too) intrigue me, and Susan, in beautiful Nova Scotia,  of 29 Black Street, who takes gorgeous photos and makes beautiful stationary.

All yours via the Internet.

And of course there is some alcohol! Black currants...yum.
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