Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up on the farm

After our trip to New England I came home and watered the farm in the dark and it all seemed OK. In the light of day, however, the cucumbers were revealed to be stricken. Does anything look as awful as a dessicated, mildewed cucumber vine? I watered and watered, and picked off all the dead. I think it felt better afterwards, more dignified, and I believe it will bounce back. Question is, how many more cucumbers can we eat??? I don't even think they are very high on the nutritional scale. Let me go and look. Hang on.


Huh. Touted as good source of potassium, but half a cup gives you 2% of your RDA of potassium. Same serving of banana gives you 12%. One head of Belgian endive? 46%.

In case you're interested. It sounds as though all the good stuff - fibre, vitamins - is in the skin, too, which we seldom eat.

Whatever. They stay. For the time being.

The green peppers, in contrast, were loudly lush and healthy. I hope they will turn red. Only one fruit so far, oddly, and green pepper is possibly the only food I dislike. Why grow them? Hoping for redness.

The courgette/zucchini still happy. The other plant has produced only male flowers, not a single fruit. Is that normal?

The patio tomato has at last set fruit. No electric toothbrush pollination necessary - which is just as well, since I don't have one (nor any fillings, in case you're tsk-tsk'ing)...

The big change is the Italian squash. What beautiful flowers! Luminous.

And strange, slender fruit.

I weighed this basket later. 3 3/4 lbs of roof crop...Zucchinis, cucumber, black cherry tomatoes (which are dirty pink, really), Mexican heirloom cherries, and one, one yellow pear cherry tomato. Two very small watermelons.

I had to pick the watermelons. The plant's stem had withered completely. I thought, No way it can be ready. I was very sad.

And very wrong. Next post.

The squash creepeth on. Maybe it can be added to succotash.

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