Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Old Dog

He was pointed at the swinging exit door at Key Food, and not budging, also blocking the entrance. I snapped this as I walked past. The woman in the picture did not want to move him, fearing, perhaps, a bite. I had seen him before, slowly and painfully following his people, with an entire steak in his mouth, still wrapped in styrofoam and plastic.

He was waiting for the steak.

When I was half way down the block looking at the fruit at Mr Lee's, I saw them coming. A tall woman - one half of the couple I've seen him with before - with two small children walked by, with the dog a good twenty feet behind, carrying his steak. Then he stopped. They walked on. He started to open his steak, and then wolfed it down, leaving his container behind on the sidewalk. Far ahead, the tall mother turned to see where he was, glanced away when she saw his litter, and walked on. He followed.


  1. Good dog. Bad owner. Unlucky for her our own Nancy Drew was on spot with her camera.

  2. What a wonderful face. I hope I have a dog again some day.

  3. How did he GET that steak? Did he go inside the store? Did someone give it to him? Did he find it along the way following the tall lady with the kids?? I want more!

  4. The tall lady gives him the steak, I presume, as a treat for walking to the store? A reason to go on living?

  5. humans are so hard to train...

  6. Donatella con carneJuly 2, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    It would work for me. I respond well to steak!


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