Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fruit at the farmers' market

From Wilklow Orchards at the Borough Hall Farmers' Market...

These pretty plum apricot (apriplums, plumpricots?) were super-ripe and a bit squishy so I ate my six at once when I got home.

Then I made the fastest jam of my life. Black currant. Bought 9 punnets, and cooked them with only half their weight in sugar. As soon as they came to a boil the drips on the spoon I dipped in tripled, and joined in the middle. That means they're ready. I didn't believe it but stopped cooking anyway, and the jam is now bottled and perfectly set. I did not know that black currants contained that much pectin.

Very exciting.


  1. Aren't they called Pluots? I thought that's what we call the hybrid out here in Northern California. Love your blog! Hope you can survive the heat.

  2. Howell, yes! Pluots, thank you :-)

    Tell me, is it true: you have 60 blogs? I counted them. Am I off?


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