Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday evening crop

Oops. I positioned the pots on this side of the roof, with the wall behind them, to stop them from blowing over, but the wind doesn't always blow from the same direction. Does it? So. No harm done, and they did it again in the tornado-watched night.

Danielle, our new neighbour, came over for supper, and I went up to the roof to pick tomatoes for the buffalo mozzarella I brought home. She's going to catsit while we are in Rockport next month. She seemed to take the beshirted cat in her stride. Her cats seem quite normal by comparison. Maybe it's us.

I have a squash. Who wants it? I find squash deeply boring, unless they are butternut or pumpkin. Good for stuffing. Um. Farcie. If the squash get big I'll stuff them with lamb bits and currants and pine nuts and rice.

Many dead leaves were taken off the tomatoes. Many.

Three more cucumbers.

The black cherry tomatoes are starting to show some colour at last. Interesting that they are so slow.

And that's about all there is to say. One can only say so much about cucumbers and tomatoes.

On the hottest of Saturdays, we make our way in the early evening to Queens, heart of, for a wedding. From Brooklyn. There is no straight line subway. Subway tunnels and platforms are like stifling hot wet death. In wedding outfits. Maybe we should just wear bathing suits and change there.


  1. Marie darling. Two words: Car Service. No shame, just comfort.

  2. Lisa darling...thank you! Um.I really hadn't thought of that!!!

  3. Someone should write a post on "car service". For the rest of the non-NYC world, it's a complete mystery.

  4. Summer squash is wonderful! Eat it raw; make noodles out of them w/a spiralizer or peeler and toss in a pesto. Perfect summer meal. No stove, no fuss.

  5. The plants are looking great! That is the frustrating thing about Queens, so hard to get to with public transportation. I'll take your squash, I love it. :)

  6. Webb, its 'black car' or TLC. They're not yellow, used to be all black town cars -now they come in all sizes, usually with a sticker to ID them. They're not supposed to pick up fares, just called-in rides. The price is somewhat malleable. As for dispatch, that's another whole thing -I think WNYC did a story on them a year back or so, consider Googling it.

    But what it comes down to -you call, give your address, they pick you up.

    Zukes not me favorite, but I do the fry em with garlic and o. oil thing. My wife makes a salad with raw zukes sliced thin, lime, mint and red onions.


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