Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First fig

Yesterday I said it would be a few days for a ripe fig.

But this afternoon when I touched it gently, it came off in my hand.

Plump, satin-soft, tender, heavy.

Soft, sweet.

First fig.


  1. To die for! If it ever rains again, I may have to go find a "Brown Turkey" and plant it.

  2. Wow! You have a fig tree on your rooftop? Do you have photos of this fig tree on your blog? I was thinking of planting a fig tree. Not sure yet.

  3. Do it, webb, do it!

    Jane - groan

    Meems, yup

  4. Thanks for the link of your fig tree photos. It's hard to tell from the pictures. How large is this tree? And you have it growing successfully in a container? WOW! Can I ask, where did you get this lovely fig tree? I have yet to see one at the garden centers near me.

  5. Meems - I bought it an Union Square some years ago. It's about 3' x 2 1/2'...

    Try Joe Morle's website (Thomas steered me to him)


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