Friday, July 23, 2010

Berries, ripe

It's Friday. Bring on the bubbles.


  1. "Bring on the Bubbles" should be the alternate title to your blog :)

  2. I wanted to plant strawberries in pots in Le petit coin secret, but I am told squirrels love them. Have only just said goodbye to squirrels. Actually I think they said goodbye to me, aided by some rowdy corgis

  3. Your strawberries are so perfect especially on the blue dish.

  4. Any particular favourites as far as "Bubbles" go? ;-)

  5. Lambert, mais oui. You know my drinking habits well :-)

    Hen - the coin is too shady. Patio?

    Meems, they were.

    Chris - with only 3 berries, they did need some dressing up.

    Anyes, bubbles: we've been drinking Ca'Furlan Prosecco, which retails at about $13 here. It's very crisp. Mionetto is about $10 and is fruitier. Then there's a nice Cava, Castelrroig, and a lovely Austrian Gruner Veltiner by Szigeti


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