Friday, July 9, 2010


Prosecco and peach juice. It should be white peach juice. The juice was canned and called Kerns. And is mostly not awful stuff, apart from the corn syrup, of course. But it's not going to kill you. Not in this drink. I'd like to find better peach juice, though. I suspect it will have to be imported and Italian.

When peach time rolls round, puree a batch of very ripe fruit, strain, and refrigerate for adding to your bubbly.


  1. Blackout cocktails: Unforgettable. Never needed or enjoyed a drink more than that day. Even Medusa of the astroturf and the firefighters added to it. Another afternoon on another terrace, we reminisced about the troglodytes and confessed our penchant for disguise. I think they messed with our minds. Someone recently gave me a bottle of Mr Balls (what a name!) Chutney. Those were the days...

  2. Chica...I must go an' water the Rebolution arn the roop.

    Mrs Balls. Can you believe I ate it for years without any sense of irony? It's the only thing for grated cheddar on nice brown, seedy bread.

    Medusa. Did I ever tell you about the time they locked themselves out and climbed a ladder from behind the hair salon, to astroturf plaza, in their FUR COATS???

    I think of you ebery time I pass American Hardwares.

  3. Ceres juices are my favorite for those kinds of cocktails...sweet and smooth.


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