Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red Hook spring

We took a walk to Ikea in Red Hook. Flowers were the compensation for the ordeal ahead. Above, the Summit Street Community Garden. Serene and less scraggly-looking than most, with raised beds that made me jealous.

Another community garden, and a littering of blue violets on its sidewalk.

A third community garden (is this the new East Village?), and a prunus in bloom.

The Columbia Street pears.

I don't ever remember the pear blossom being this...white.

It was stunning.

It is going to be an insane 88'F/31'C tomorrow, and that might be the end of these.

If you shook the branches and stood with your head up and your mouth open, would the falling petals taste the way I thought manna would, back in the days of manna for breakfast and quails for dinner?

Outside Ikea, the first Kwanzan cherry blossom I have seen.


  1. Is dit net ek, of is manna bemark as die best thing _ever_ in die ou dae?

    Your pears are stunning.

  2. One doesn't think of flowering trees when thinking of New York City. Lovely. We have a single flowering tree in our garden and it is a Kwanzaan Cherry, but it is behind the one you photographed. Probably by the weekend it will be out.


  3. the blossoms are amazing this year!


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