Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pear blossom in New York

In yesterday's beautiful blue weather most of the pears, whose buds had sulked through the previous wet weeks burst into bloom. So after an appointment in Manhattan I walked, and took pictures, all the way home, over the holiday-crowded Brooklyn Bridge. Above and below, West Houston Street.

Hudson Street, and Mr Trump's empty glass thingy.

Canal Street just before the tunnel to the mainland.

Blossoms softening the confusion of parking rules...

Back in Brooklyn, on Hicks Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Corner of Pacific and Court Streets.

Atlantic Avenue.

Still Atlantic Avenue.

Tomorrow, magnolias.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Wow! Spring has really hit the big apple.....trees! Bad joke. Whatever!

  2. Wow, they look so luxuriant and soft. I like the tree in front of the house in Brooklyn.

  3. Check out Columbia Street down near Union - amazing display.

  4. Remember the flowering peaches in Paul Roux Street, Bloemfontein ?
    They caused traffic jams in September. The pears are stunning.

  5. Beautiful! You are weeks ahead of us here in the North East of England.'s
    But there's no need to be polite about Trumps' 'thingy' - calling it a monstrosity will do nicely.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Oops - early morning and typo errors.....

  7. Wonderful photos! The pears of New York are like the cherry blossoms of Japan. I wish they got more press.


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