Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oak pollen

I looked at a lot of fine sulphuric yellow dust in the broad black gutter yesterday, on the roof, and wondered who'd been doing something chemical and toxic nearby. Then I looked across the street at the tops of trees. The oaks are in bloom, and thick with pollen. Fortunately they do not make me sneeze.


  1. Well, finally something that is happening sooner in Central Virginia than NYC. Our oaks pollenated last week and it's almost done - thank goodness! A think sludge of gold over everything in sight! "They" say it's worse than usual because of the unusually cold and rainy winter caused the trees to produce extra pollen - I guess to take advantage of the extra wet ground.

    Enjoy! Happy to sent it north to you and get it out of CV!

  2. webb, really? And I thought it foretold of woise to come! Good...


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