Monday, April 26, 2010

Moths in the Karoo

In the chilly morning on Doornberg, at the Vleihuisie, I walked outside and noticed a moth sitting quite still on the stone wall of the little house. Then I saw another. As my eyes became attuned to moth pattern recognition, the walls turned into moth mosaics. There they all were: the indistinct flying objects of the previous night, beating softly against the glass door to get in to the light, now in perfect focus. They were absolutely gorgeous.

I was mesmerised, and very sorry that I had not brought along my mother's South African insect book. Put that on my wish list.

They looked like fur coat-wearing ghosts from the 1920's.

As the day warmed, their numbers dwindled.

If anyone is good with moths...

...please help me identify them.

A whole world to explore.

I'm falling in love again...never wanted to, what am I to do?

I can't help it.
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