Friday, April 9, 2010

66 Square Feet at home and abroad

My garlic post is up at AOL's Shelterpop.

I checked this year's cloves yesterday: the one I dug up (gently) had little roots! I was afraid they might have been irradiated, hence sterile. All seems well. Now waiting for shoots.

Sumien Brink (the editorial director of New Media Publishing, and editor in chief of Visi Magazine and of Taste) let me know today that she'd just looked at the April issue of Visi in which 66 Square Feet appears in a four season feature, and that it looks good. Yay! I have seen the spread in pdf format and even that was exciting.

The magazine will hit the streets on April 14th and I will be sure to remind you SAfricans and expats to sniff it out. Hopefully you will also become hooked. It's beautiful. The April issue is about all things green, edible, local and lekker. Working with Visi editor Johan van Zyl was a pleasure. His interview with me as well as some of my tips on how to make a small space work for you, garden-wise, will accompany the pictures.

And now I'm off to plant my Lilium superbum - they were just delivered by UPS. And maybe I'll lay some more snail traps.


  1. I discovered greening tips on one clove before we went to NZ and today(finally!) I'm going to plant them. I will have so many fingers crossed I may not be able to write about it! I've never had good luck in this climate, but I'm more hopeful of an autumn planting. Stay tuned!

  2. Ours have roots!!! Now stop encouraging my partner to dig things up, she already does enough of that on her own.

  3. Hanging out for Visi .. only 4 more sleeps :-)

  4. Can't wait for Visi - I've been checking, unsuccessfully, the magazine racks since the beginning of April. So now I know when

  5. I, too, am looking forward to Visi. And I enjoyed your article about garlic on that other website - sorry forgotten its name now.



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