Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday supper

I get a little nervous when raw leaves or vegetables do not feature in a meal. They are a daily medicine.

On Sunday night - in a Sunday mood, which calls for counter measures - I cut up mango, beetroot and carrot, blanched some unseasonal green beans, and pulled apart the leaves of a head of endive. Added a dressing of lemon juice, sugar, fish sauce, raw ginger and chile, and nerves-be-gone. Shoo.

There may have been a side of sticky pieces of chicken roasted with chopped up cilantro stems, more lemon, more ginger, more fish sauce, and just a little sugar.

And a KILLER crème brûlée for dessert.

Thank goodness for those vegetables.


  1. Eating that plate of veg pictured must be like devouring a piece of art. Gorgeous!

  2. Yum indeed(minus paragraph 3 perhaps!) And creme brulee... : )


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