Saturday, March 9, 2013

Comet Pann-STARRS

Temperatures in the low fifties (or celsius teens) sent us up to the roof for the first time this year, to sip some premature gin and tonics. I had learned that a comet might be seen low in the western sky, and see it we did, though I needed binoculars. Comet Pan-STARRS orbits the sun once every 100 million years. Think about it. We are nothing.

In the Northern Hemisphere it will be brightest tomorrow (Sunday) evening, actually, right after sunset. Look above where the sun disappeared. It will resemble a short contrail. We will never see it again.

It got cold, fast, and we hustled back down, with the unfinished drinks and Vince's heavy photo bag being handed down through the hatch. The cat found his own way home, via the terrace.

Salade Niçoise in the offing...
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