Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Foraged Flavor in March's Martha

You may have heard of Tama Matsuoka Wong by now. The lawyer turned forager.

Damn. I wish I'd done it that way, too. Then I could support my weed eating habit.

In this month's Martha Stewart Living (you can download the app from the link) there is a beautiful spread about her, with recipes. And look for her book, the recently published Foraged Flavor (Potter). My favourite part of it is the section of colour scans of edible plants -including dead nettle, creeping Jenny and mugwort, all on my menu for this year. The book's emphasis, though,  is on recipes, developed by Eddy Leroux, who is the chef de cuisine at Daniel. Daniel Boulud wrote the introduction.

There is also a really wonderful printing error in the book, the classic, collectable kind: an illustration of edible speedwell, described as poison ivy. An insert in the book explains and corrects the error. The author also recommends lesser celandine (the invasive, yellow, ranunculus flower) while experienced foragers I know shun it.

I will nibble its young leaves this spring.

I have always wanted to.

PS: Martha Stewart Radio's host Stephen Orr (also author of Tomorrow's Gardens and the Garden Director of Martha Stewart Livng) will talk with me about spring in the foraging and terrace world this Thursday at 1PM ET. If you subscribe to Sirius XM, tune in to Stars Channel 107. (If you do not have satellite radio, you can listen by signing up a 30 day free trial!) Show repeats at 8pm. 

It's real, live radio so I'm just a tad nervous.

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