Thursday, March 7, 2013

One week in...

March seems to have snuck up on us.

I mean, it's almost spring.

Scattered in this post are pictures from last year, a little later in the month - but they remind me of what is to come. Things will start to change fast, now. And they have changed since, too... Above? Those church spires are no more, after the lightning strike of last summer.

Below? The foundation was poured and shell constructed for the three townhouses across the street last March. This month I look straight across at their top floor terraces, with floor to ceiling glass doors, which willl hopefully disappear when the tall oaks on the street begin to leaf out.

Last night in a pre-spring panic, I ordered my spring-sown roof farm seeds online from Botanical Interests (it's a habit, now). Some usual suspects - fava beans and peas again, bok choy will be new, three fancy lettuces, all with red stripes, frills or speckles (trend?), chervil, dill and coriander. Coriander seems slow to start and quick to bolt but I did learn last year that it likes cool and even cold weather. It held up to at least one freeze.

And perhaps I'll hold off on summery crops till we come back from South Africa, in June. I know I will still be able to find young plants - at least, I hope I might: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers. That would mean I don't have to worry about what is happening to them while we are away. I am sad, actually, to leave New York in May. What a beautiful month.

Speaking of Botanical Interests, I'll be doing a seed giveaway, soon. An edible spring collection suitable for containers (though perfectly fine in-ground, too) and very influenced by my own preferences, I'm afraid. They are donating the seeds (I asked), and we'll do another in summer and fall. Fun! Free seeds.

Stay tuned.

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