Thursday, December 31, 2009

Terrace on New Year's Eve

We had expected to land in Cape Town today, to see the New Year in quietly with my parents, the Therapy Corgis and Ben the labrador, and two cats, with champagne, a braai, and bed. Instead we are here on a gently snowing New York winter's day, cooling our heels while we wait for Vincent's greencard interview. Then we will be southward bound.

It was only the scraping of a shovel on the sidewalk outside that alerted me to snow. It fell so softly that I didn't notice it on the skylights, as I luxuriated in a late bed.

A chilly seat.

The Iceberg rose just won't give up. This bud has remained there through significantly sub-zero temperatures over the last few days, and today is warmer - just a degree below freezing.

So that is the message it sends for the next year:

You can do it.


  1. You can indeed. My Iceberg put out two flowers today - rather pink, but no matter - despite sub-zero nights and very cold days over the past week.

    Good luck with the green card stuff! And Happy New Year....

  2. Happy New Year to you all, Marie, Vince and Estorbo.


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