Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This dog's breakfast was my take last night on oeufs en meurette. Leftover syrah, maitake or hen of the wood mushrooms, little portabellas, bacon, carrots, shallots. Herbs. Etcetera. Poached eggs beneath.

Dessert. Leftover apple pie crust, labneh, and crushed raspberries from somewhere in the US of A where raspberries are now ripe.

As we say in the old country, Local se moer.


  1. The mushrooms were fantastic, straight from farmer Maggot's fields... (Oh, and desert too.)

  2. What's labneh?

    Hobbit, did the dogs frighten you?

  3. The dog says that breakfast looks very good. And could she have the dessert too please?

  4. It all looks great to the mushrooms...and the dessert with the raspberries..PERFECT !

  5. Nice reuse of leftovers, Marie. I try to be good about that as well...never thought about saving my pie dough scrapes though...good idea!

  6. Hobbit? I just cannot imagine getting into bed with a hobbit...^^

    Sigrid - its really thick yogurt, strained and cultured to the point of cream cheese. Middle Eastern. Tart and creamy.

    The dog should stand at the door and wait for a DHL van.

    Hi Kary - thank you! I succumbed to out of season raspberries, and they were so good!

    Thomas - I love to make quick, "flat" tarts with fresh fruit and cream or thick yogurt from the leftover dough scraps.


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