Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Persimmons in winter

Bad pictures, sorry.

It was one of those things that stops me in my tracks. Then I backtrack.

How many times have I walked past the Liz Christy Community Garden? For how many years?

Orange fruit up high.

I have persimmons on the brain because of the native ones planned for the park just down the block. And here is a huge one! Asian, obviously, judging by the size of the fruit, but never noticed till now. This is about the time I usually leave New York for South Africa, so perhaps that is the reason? Too busy looking at lists and warm shop windows?

(We're leaving in mid-January now, as Vince's greencard interview has been scheduled for the 13th of January: so major changes to air tickets...Still, it's good news)

The gates were closed, but I will keep an eye out for a gardener, and see if I may go in and beg for one.

And growing on the fence just a few steps away, winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum. I've seen it bloom in February. Never in December.


  1. I was shocked to see blooming Jasminum nudiflorum in Central Park this afternoon, on the south side of the reservoir. And oh! the persimmons...hope you get one.

  2. Sorry to hear that you can only leave in January but the delay is certainly in a good cause. I just can't imagine frozen water in a braai! After the recent violent windstorm at least the weather in the Cape will have settled down a little by then.


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