Friday, December 25, 2009

Beloeil, the 'hood

The hood starts at home, of course.

I have met my salad match in Germaine, Vince's mom. She likes salad even more than I do. If that's possible. So lunch is a huge green salad, with an egg, garlic and cider and olive oil dressing. We introduced a South African red found at a local store. Not very good, I'm afraid. The rest of this one went into a cranberry sauce for the Christmas Eve turkey. Also Boursault cheese, never found in New York.

After lunch, in some rare sunshine, a walk.

Some orderly trees.

A missing cat.

Snow-heavy branches.

Small snowball with non-sticking snow.

And very pretty houses on the Rue Richelieu, next to the frozen river.

Happy Christmas.


  1. And Happy Christmas to you, Marie and Vince and family, from Keli'i and Ikaika in sunny CA!

  2. beautiful pictures! i sure hope the little tiger girl cat has been found...that's a very snowy landscape for a kitty to be lost in. Vince's mother's kitchen looks like a wonderful place to prepare for Christmas in...hope you all had a wonderful one!

  3. I'd love to visit Quebec one of these days. Hopefully your Christmas dinner was as tasty as the salad!

  4. And if anybody comments on my snowball throwing technique, they'll have to deal with my wrath...


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