Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping and planning

We had fun at the Chelsea Market this evening, entering and leaving in soft flurries of sleet, yellow in the streetlights. Some of what we brought home was supper tonight, some will be supper tomorrow, and the rest will be small gifts. Supper tonight - pork sausages from Dickson's, now two month's old at the market. Dickson's, not the sausages...Another boutique butchery, with tourists standing in awe in front of the pristine meat case.

Dinner tomorrow night is shaping up to be:

Celery and sunchoke soup
Avocado, fennel and pomelo salad
Deboned heirloom (!) chickens stuffed with hen (!!) of the woods a.k.a. maitake mushrooms
Bay-leaf potatoes (subject to change)
Pineapple fluff (take two) and tropical fruit salad.


  1. I've never tried maitake mushrooms before but heard that they are quite delicious...I'm thinking of joining a mushroom hunting club next year. These and chanterelles would be amazing finds.

  2. Oh you make me feel so guilty! I am not a cook and food has never been number one in my life -- except when my parents nagged me to eat more, even until I was married. Now my poor husband is married to an unimaginative non-cook. I can do lots of other things but when it comes to meal times I'm a flop. But I CAN cook a roast turkey with roast potatoes and fabulous gravy. So hubby waits for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The thing is -- neither of us can afford to gain the pounds that result from home cooking.

  3. They are wonderful, Thomas. Firm, take a good char from a hot pan, juicy!

    Hi Chris, that's an interesting comment:

    - so what do you eat ? :-) Not sure why home cooking would be more fattening than the alternative(boxed dinners? restaurants?). When I cook I shop, and when I shop, I know what I'm buying, where it came from, a bit about how it was grown or raised. It gives me a but more control over my diet.

    That said, if all the time I spent cooking and shopping was spent another way, I might be rich!

  4. "I might be rich..." Yes, indeed! I'm a skinflint in some areas, but I will pay top dollar for good food.

  5. Yay! I'm glad you've found Dicksons, Marie! My coworker's boyfriend makes those sausages, and they are DIVINE with biscuits and gravy. :) Lots of love goes into that shop, and if I lived any closer, my cholesterol would probably go through the roof!


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