Monday, December 28, 2009

Early Christmas

Yann, Brigitte, Germaine and Vincent.

In Beloeil it was decreed that we open our gifts early, and so we did. With four cats to help dispose of ribbons, it was a lot of fun.

Above, Sapphi the 9 month old kitten. Below, on my lap, Circe, the doyenne.

Brigitte gave me some gorgeous cups and saucers for breakfast coffee. From Germaine a beautiful cut crystal bowl, for pineapple fluff.

Vince? He wore a ribbon...


  1. What a lovely Christmas with Vince's family! The green ribbon is a special touch ...

    And I had a very good friend many years ago who had a black kitty named Circe. We lived in Seattle then.

    Welcome home, briefly ...


  2. Looks wonderful!
    Beence...please tell me you did not steal Sapphi's ribbon?

  3. Wow, you're fast ! The crystal bowl says thank you. The green ribbon blushes and my email-name
    is coming soon.
    Welcome home, indeed !

  4. Sapphi is quite a cute kitten! and Vince looks (sweet? handsome? long suffering? adorable?) with his ribbon headband...surely the best Christmas present a girl could have!

  5. I'm in love with those pretty cups! Looks like you had a fab early christmas :)


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