Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Street art

A door on on the north side of Bleecker near the Bowery.

The sidewalk on East 2nd between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.


  1. You might also see some familiar places here

  2. Those bunnies are great, especially on the street.

    Marie, quick unrelated question: I've planted a couple of garlic cloves in a pot on my windowsill and they're growing. Can I eat the green parts? Would I want to?

  3. Dinahmow - yes, that's the hood!

    JMH - yes, the green parts are edible, and quite good, though a bit tough when bigger. I think, though, that if you keep nibbling them they won't be able to make the new bulb under the soil grow big and fat, since the bulbs' 'food' comes from the leaves? So, either you get little garlicky snippets from the greens (omelette), or wait...and wait...and wait :-)

    The wait is actually worth it, though. It is SO cool to eat your own head of garlic. Um...why does that sound wrong?


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