Monday, December 14, 2009

Leaf wraps

We had some leftover chicken to explore, so of course I headed for deliciousness in a leaf. I chopped the chicken (it can be pork or beef, too) up small, adding it to finely chopped ginger, shallots and garlic in a pan, stirring it about, then adding tamarind, jaggery, fish sauce, chopped peanuts. Cooking till almost paste-like, cooling.

Quick-pickling carrot and radish, cleaning Boston/butter lettuce leaves and cilantro.

Making a dipping sauce of fresh lime juice, more fish sauce, sugar, chile, ginger and scallions. Finely dicing some lime skin with pith and flesh to add in tiny bites to the leaves. Slicing avocado for an inauthentic twist.

Spoonful of chicken paste, some pickles, a leaf of cilantro, bits of lime, a peanut, spoon over some sauce, wrap, bite, chew swallow. Lick fingers.



  1. i just had leftover thai,but i feasted vicariously on your lettuce wraps

  2. Mmmm, my favorite kind of food, freshly wrapped and tangy.

    Speaking of which, I must email you about restaurant suggestions for my 4 days in NY! I have some favorites but not 4 days worth...

  3. Yum! I made some fresh spring rolls for dinner tonight. I'm sure your stomach is as pleased as mine is right now.

  4. oh yuh killing me! is it lunch time yet? i want to roll my soup in a leaf now...

  5. flwrjane - glad to have provided vicarious feast

    m. - Manhattan: prune; momofuku noodle bar; freeman's; hearth (more pricey);cafe gitane;

    Brooklyn: diner; marlowe and sons; flatbush farm; frankies 457; vinegar hill

    Thomas, I bet yours were better :-)

    Bonbon - hmmm isn't there ravioli that has soup inside it?


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