Saturday, December 19, 2009


What good timing. I love to see snow. We are promised - somewhat optimistically, as usual - an accumulation of 8 - 10 inches. Maybe we'll have to drag our suitcases through snowdrifts on the way to Penn Station early tomorrow morning. Our train will hug the Hudson River for part of the trip north. Then it will be white. We will have thermoses of Danish blend coffee from Sahadi's (and more in our luggage, per request)and soup, as well as pancetta sandwiches and cold chicken. And white asparagus 'fingers'.

It is snowing, the flakes blowing sideways across the roofs in a fine dust like sand on a windy beach. Inside all is in disorder. But it is warm, and about to smell good, with leftover coq au vin warming, wine mulling, the cat mewing for dinner, and pancetta set to fry in the cast iron pan.

Next post from Beloeil, Quebec.


  1. Safe travels to you, my friend. Keeses to Don Estorbo from me, too.

  2. It sounds like you have delicious provisions for your trip! I'd add a few Clementines in there, too. Here down in the "sunny South" we have had 15 inches of snow so far, and it's still falling. Your terrace looks beautiful with it's delicate frosting. Hope that Mike will be a good catsitter...maybe Estorbo will talk him into blogging a bit. Have a safe trip and wonderful time traveling through the winter wonderland!

  3. And I thought you were intrepid adventurers! No staggering along the car to the buffet? Staggering back again with a cup of ersatz? No cello-wrap sandwich of indeterminate filling?

    Have a wonderful time in the Frozen North. Shall I have have a prawn on the beach for you?

  4. happy trails to you and vince. i look forward to reading about your travels. and if this storm hits ny like it did dc, you will be dragging your bags thru 18 inches of snow. happy holidays.

  5. Bon Voyage et Joyeux Noel.

    Beautiful Eye, Quebec?

  6. Marie et Vincent,
    Have a wonderful snowy christmas! Thanks for the beautiful card. I can't wait for pictures. More from Bogota soon. Pilar's daughter was born yesterday in Paris. Alma.

  7. Have fun in Quebec! I'm jealous!

  8. Thank you, Jen - I deleebered the keesses :-)

    Paula - I put clementines in the fridge to take them, per your suggestion. And forgot them :-(

    Dinahmow - wow, you should have seen The Sandwich on offer. Nope!

    flwrjane - the case-dragging was interesting.

    Merci, vous aussi, and it is.

    Cons! Alma - please give Pilar my lorf...Bogota, wow. You would not like the temperature in QC!!!

    Thomas - pretty town, Beloeil. Pictures of frozen rivers to follow. But it must be nothing for you, in Snowy Mass...


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