Thursday, October 23, 2008

Waiting for chickadees

...who are usually more reliable than Godot.
This was a little while ago in Vancouver's lovely Stanley Park. I dragged the patient Vincent to the park almost daily to see if the chickadees would sit on my hands, and it was like magic when they did, fluttering down like Kundera's fortuities from the apparently empty, soaring green trees above.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, I thought you were asking if it would rain... ;-)

  2. Hi from good old SA

    I read somewhere in your blog you like pellies. If you go to then you can see some nice pics. Still a work in progress though.
    Like your blog...

  3. Well, Centvingt, I'm used to it raining in Vancouver! It was a weird, sunny week...See you tonight.

    It's nice to see a Goossens on the blog! At first I thought pellies might be pellets, adored by my cat, but not by me...:-) Your url explained all. Thank you!


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