Sunday, September 1, 2013

Green tomatoes and no ham

We are in the thick of it. Tomato sandwich season.

Actually, I overdosed: a couple of weeks ago I had such a good tomato sandwich, made with toasted bread, that I made another, at once. It had been almost a year since the last one.

It was a sandwich too far. (Kind of like that night at the Mexican restaurant and the shots of tequila, a hundred years ago.)

So I took a break.

But I was ready again.

The blogger-across-the-river and I share a love of Hellman's. I don't think too deeply about Hellmans. Some things must be taken at face value. I just eat it. Almost everything I eat is made-from-scratch-locally-sourced-humanely-raised-or-organic.

'Sept the Hellmans.

The bread for this superb sandwich came from BK17, Sarah Owen's community supported baking enterprise*. It is sourdough, and this particular loaf was almost blue with buckwheat. It keeps very well, too. (In the fall edition of Edible Brooklyn, out in September, look for the story I wrote about Sarah and her bread.)

The tomatoes? Green Cherokee, perfectly ripe, grown by Wilklow Orchards, and sold at the Borough Hall Farmers Market.

* Sarah will be bringing her bread to the book party on Saturday...I am very happy about that.
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