Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moonstruck breakfast

One thing about living in a 19th century townhouse renovated cheaply to accommodate two apartments on every floor, with poorly installed dry wall and lousy ducts, is that you can...smell the other people.


And we have quite neutral-smelling neighbours.

But if they cooking - like the new tenant who always burns garlic in a lot of oil, or if they are smoking, or using air freshener or incense, and don't have open windows or doors. The pothead on the ground floor moved out a while ago. I think they are spared our cooking smells, as we're on the top floor, so only our landing-neighbour will suffer.

But I digress.

This morning it was bacon. Which was just unreasonable. It's Thursday! What hedonist eats bacon on a Thursday? Thursday's Child has Far to Go (I was born on a Thursday and find them troubling, in general).  Bacon is for Saturdays, when no one is going anywhere.

Someone broke the rules.

I actually went to the freezer and stared at the apple wood bacon, there.

I thought about it. Then I pulled myself together.

I reached for the Mazzola's loaf of bread I bought last night (it's the bakery from Moonstruck,  down the road [see comments!!]) and made Moonstruck eggs.

Sweet revenge. Straight flush.

I've been told I have a poker face.


  1. I opened a yogurt container this morning to put on my breakfast cereal and discovered....eggs...wrapped in paper towel. Remembered I'd brought them that way to the cottage Easter weekend and they weren't eaten. So...when was Easter anyway?....I boiled them. There will be devilled eggs. (On another note: my pregnant daughter moved into the main floor of an old, creaky house and they've painted the baby's room a light, lovely chartreuse. It has two windows -- into which the ganja of the downstairs tenant wafts. Puts a new spin on "potty-training".)

  2. What a lovely name for eggs made like this!
    I've never seen anyone else make these before! ..My mom sometimes made eggs -fried inside bread- like this for my dad on Friday nights, served with a slice of ham on top. Her version was loosely based on the Dutch meal 'uitsmijters' :)

  3. Great post -- small quibble -- Mazzola's, on Union & Henry, was not in Moonstruck -- that was Cammareri Bros, on Sackett and Henry, which is now Maybelle's Cafe -- the stairs leading to the basement bakery, where Nick Cage sweated away, are still there. Ironic that a vegetarian cafe is in the former home of a bakery once known for its lard break.

    Monteleone, on Union and President, now claims to be selling Cammareri bread, which seems to still be operating in New Jersy.

    1. That's a HUGE quibble! My world has been shattered. ARGH!

      Thank you! :-)

  4. I bet if the pot head could smell the bacon he/she would reckon it's good shit man!

  5. All that weed, back in the 60s...I was a "passive smoker" as it made me feel sick.

  6. It's been so long that i can't even remember the smell of weed. Sad? I'm not sure. But i'll take bacon for breakfast, lunch or diner any time someone else is willing to cook it.

    Are you and the Don ok? Big week next week?

  7. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where we have great bacon and pot drifting around the neighbourhood where I live just walking down the street. Moonstruck one of my favourite movies.

  8. Moonstruck eggs...VERY nice. Good move. I, too, am a Thursday's child. I move a lot. Connection?

  9. We have always called these 'Holy" eggs because we only have them on Sundays.(and there is a 'hole' in the bread, of course.) When my kids were young they thought that was the biggest joke.
    PS Pluma is still purring for cat healing.

  10. I had completely forgotten about that children's poem. I'm a Thursday child, too. I'm feeling today like that explains a lot! I've made eggs inside toast just like that, but never knew what to call the dish. Thanks for giving me a good name to use. They shall henceforth be referred to as "Moonstruck Eggs" in my house!

  11. I've made eggs-in-a-bread hole from the time I move out on my own. Learned from my mother who made them for us for as long as I can remember. We just used large slices of italian bread. We browned the hole bread along with the eggs for dipping.

  12. They're called Popeye eggs, or, Eggs with a Hat. Olympia Dukakis broke one in the movie--the trick is to turn the toast over without breaking the yolk. Also toasted in the butter is the circle that was cut out in the first place, and that is placed as a hat on the toast and egg on the plate. My goodness, food blogging is a complicated business!


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