Monday, May 6, 2013

A day at a time

Evening gardening. I added another clematis to the terrace, and a black petunia, some sage and marjoram. So I had to relocate the pansies to smaller pots. I just counted it all and there are 50 pots on the terrace. A personal best. Some of them are tiny, of course.

It was a last minute thing - I may or may not have to take an important photo tomorrow and not knowing is stressful. It involves food and making the terrace look good and I don't deal with indecision and delay very well.

The good news: the kitty will be back with us on Wednesday morning. He will literally be emitting radiation, so we have to keep our distance for a week. We may pet him but not for hours, nor may he sleep on the bed. It's apparently accumulative. I had thought his fur was radioactive, but no, it is his whole body.

Does all my organic gardening and growing make up for introducing my own bit of feline nuclear waste to the world? I cannot imagine it does.

But there it is.

I now have ten minutes to make supper: Brown toast with melted buffalo mozzarella, anchovy butter and...ramps. A repeat of lunch!

 My lunch, above, was so good that I decided to make it again.
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