Monday, May 6, 2013

A day at a time

Evening gardening. I added another clematis to the terrace, and a black petunia, some sage and marjoram. So I had to relocate the pansies to smaller pots. I just counted it all and there are 50 pots on the terrace. A personal best. Some of them are tiny, of course.

It was a last minute thing - I may or may not have to take an important photo tomorrow and not knowing is stressful. It involves food and making the terrace look good and I don't deal with indecision and delay very well.

The good news: the kitty will be back with us on Wednesday morning. He will literally be emitting radiation, so we have to keep our distance for a week. We may pet him but not for hours, nor may he sleep on the bed. It's apparently accumulative. I had thought his fur was radioactive, but no, it is his whole body.

Does all my organic gardening and growing make up for introducing my own bit of feline nuclear waste to the world? I cannot imagine it does.

But there it is.

I now have ten minutes to make supper: Brown toast with melted buffalo mozzarella, anchovy butter and...ramps. A repeat of lunch!

 My lunch, above, was so good that I decided to make it again.


  1. Well, yes, the cat will "glow-in-the-dark" for a while. I'm sure he'd say "whad,eber..."

    But your readers, especially the peckish ones, need to know more about this lunch that was worth the repeat. ;-)
    Of course I'm delighted to hear about Storbie.

  2. Glad to hear Estorbo is coming home...I'm sure it will be hard not to love him up when he comes home.

  3. Yay! I thought the nuclear reactor was gone for a week.

    Boy is he gonna be pissed when he gets home.

    He won;'t be in a cuddling mood anyway, he'll be plotting...

    xo J.

  4. That part about not sleeping on the bed is not going to go over well.

    Radiation damage is accumulative, but the iodine 131 used to treat Estorbo will be mostly out of his system by the time you get him. What he does bring home in his person decays 2-fold every 8 days to something that is not radioactive. And I-131 is natural but not organic.

    1. So glad we know a scientist...:-)

  5. so glad he's coming back home safe and sound (albeit more radioactive than before). After you linked to this facility I fell down the rabbit hole and started watching all the videos and cat cams!

  6. Thanks for the info re the comment. So tell me how do you manage to not touch a cat for days? Is it not such a thing of habit? You will have to tie a big ribbon on your hand to remind yourself.
    Re the Neem, after went on line and tried to find it (easy) found in mentioned in the latest Garden and Home

  7. Great news about the boy : ) lunch/supper looks fine too! x

  8. OMG your lunch looks amazing.
    I know Estorbo will be happy to be home, & I hope he recovers quickly.

  9. Checked him out and he just looked bored. And contemplating. What revenge will he take? A swat on the hand?
    I should let you eat of our yard. Although I've never seen ramps, we do have the onion/garlic grass, blackberries, strawberries and other fine foraging food. I will clear out the garden one fine day, I know. It is supposed to be a garden and not a nature preserve. Although He loves to stalk/sleep in it.

  10. Glad to hear your kitty is better!

    Is the green on your lunch/dinner the leaves from the ramps? Or something else?


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