Monday, March 11, 2013

We watch, and wait, and order bulbs

In small garden news, there are shoots:

This Nepeta, above, was such an impulse buy that I do not remember the species - fond of semi shade, flowers like blue salvia....Ah. N. subsessilis.

Agastache "Black Adder"

Here it is, last year:

And the irrepressible "Etoile Violette":

Last summer:

Other good and cheering news is that I have ordered my lilies (all nine of them!) from The Lily Garden: Silver Scheherazade - a white sport of the tough-as-nails lilies that closely resemble my Dunyazades. Also some Seafarer, which I think are the most beautiful lilies, ever, with peach undersides and green topsides (and which Dinah might enjoy, if they bloom before we return from South Africa in June) and finally Madame Butterfly - very exciting: a Lilium henryii hybrid with those sexy recurved petals, white, with green stripes over an apricot throat. The Lily Garden - a small, family-owned business in the Pacific Northwest - is my go-to excellent source for lilies. I have tried several other well known companies and am disappointed by their small (immature) size or packaging.

(By the way, if you do want to order from The Lily Garden, you can order via email, rather than download and print their form. Just be sure to have your lilies' names and codes in the email. Then call them with your credit card number.)

One lily that I shall not order more of, is Silk Road - she's going strong and is is so imposing that the terrace can only handle so many specimens:

In the meantime, I have other people's gardens to help plan.
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