Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seed Giveaway from Botanical Interests

My cool weather greens from the roof farm

They're here!

Two beautiful boxes of seeds arrived today from Botanical Interests, and they are waiting to be claimed by you in a pre-spring giveaway for edible gardens. (My own fava beans are soaking, prior to planting, as we speak. My seed order happened to arrive today, too. See last year's fava leaves in the basket above, right in front.)

I have grown all these seeds myself with the exception of the intriguing Rat Tails and the sunflower microgreens, which will be new for me this year. I chose these thinking of container gardens, but there is no reason they will not work well in-ground, too, as long as they have good drainage and enough sun.

"Speckles" butterhead lettuce

Two readers will receive the following collection of seeds (a total of 10 packets, each):

Bordeaux spinach - with a pretty red mid rib and veins
Cherry Bell radishes
Chervil - a feathery, cool-weather herb with delicate anise flavour: think omelettes
Fava beans - for their tender tips, and also for the later beans, of course
Lettuce -  Red Sails, a red-frilled leaf lettuce, and Speckles, a butterhead (Boston lettuce) with red spots
Rat Tail Radishes - planted for the harvest of their peppery seed pods
Shelling peas (for their sweet shoots, but you may want the peas, too...)
Spicy Microgreens - my favourite mix of mustard, peppergrass cress, cabbage and radish
Sunflower microgreens - very juicy young seedlings

If you would like to enter to win the seeds, please leave a comment with:

- your name
- a one sentence description of a delicious thing you would make with one or more of your crops. It does not have to be complicated.

Cut off time will be noon ET, March 13th.

After Estorbo and I have drawn the two winners (in our most scientific and objective manner), I'll ask for mailing details so I can send them on as fast as possible.

And thanks very much to Ryan Schmitt and Botanical Interests for providing these seeds. Clearly, I am a fan.
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