Monday, March 4, 2013


If it had to be only one, it would be salt. That's in the top jar. Underestimated and abused equally in our (that's the universal we) eating and cooking lives. Enough salt can make a dish sing. It is a secret weapon. It is a lethal weapon.

If I could choose just two seasonings?  Salt and sugar. Sugar is in the jar below the salt. I know, it's hard. But I'd have to go for sugar over pepper, as much as I like spice. We are talking extremes, of course, because I'd hate a life without the zing of black or red hotness. Sugar and salt together are potent. Quick pickles. Balance in stews. Harmony in salads. Perfect bread.

Three? - let's say that's the black pepper, then

What would be your fourth spice, or single item for flavour?

(The tulips, you ask? Another kind of necessity. They fight off the wolves that snuffle at the thin space between the door and its frame. Wolves hate tulips.)

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