Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The tall man

Sending the crew in. Photo: Vincent Mounier

The tall old warehouse that Fairway occupies in Red Hook is right on the water. Before the storm it was a scene of panic buying. Which is good. Hopefully their stocks were low. Because after the storm we found a crew outside throwing away dozens and dozens - perhaps hundreds -  of trolleyfulls packed high with food that had been flooded. Fairway is a very, very large food store. 

We don't know the story, here. We were separated from it by a high wrought iron fence and an empty parking lot - Vince had a powerful zoom lens. But the overseer seemed a benevolent and kind man for a dirty job. 


  1. Good grief. Either that manager is a giant or those people are very, very short.

  2. I just heard the president of Fairway on WNYC - he said they have business interruption of service insurance that pays for their employees wages & any loss of earnings for the grocery as well as insurance that covers the cost of all of the food, freezers & cash registers, etc. - he basically said they are well covered for their losses. he also mentioned flood waters rising to approximately 5 feet inside the building leaving most everything inside the store under water.


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