Friday, November 16, 2012

Strawberries, of an evening

I'm not used to the November light, yet. Dark - black-dark - at 5 o'clock.

The strawberries have slowed down.

They ripen in increments, against the glow of the reddening oaks across the road.


  1. November light is the glow of poems.

  2. Do they taste as sweet, these one-off late strawberries? My everbearing strawberries continued until October, but at the end the fruits were watery. At least the ones the chipmunk left for me were. Perhaps he knew the difference and got the good ones.

  3. I had a lovely pot, just like the one in your 2nd strawberry pic, until my cousin drove into it and cracked it last week... (random)

    I saw your lovely idea of how to preserve lemons, do you have any nice recipes of how to freeze fruit/ fruit-pie filling or sweet/boiled fruit for using later in desserts?? We made a delicious home-grown gooseberry pie last year and one could probably freeze the filling for later use... any clever ideas for something like that?

    Have you ever eaten Custard apple? Had my 1st taste of this magnificent fruit last month - I wish I had a way to eat some of that every day of the year! :D

    1. No clever freezing ideas. Just freeze them :-)

      Have eaten custard apple, but not often!


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