Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forest orchid

Forest orchid, Chinese ground orchid - Bletilla striata***, growing in pots beneath my mother's indigenous Buddliea auriculata. (Shrub. Large shrub. Small tree. Whatever.)

You forget about these beautiful plants until they bloom and then, Oh!  A common garden plant in Japan, here in Cape Town it is something of an exotic oddity.

*** 1-18-12: I am wrong. This is not Bletilla striata.

So what is it??

***! 1-20-12 - Bamboo orchid! Arundina...


  1. I've tried growing them here but no luck. Hope I'll get to see (and photograph) a bloom.

  2. Blooms in my garden, too, but not like that! gorgeous color.

  3. I am wrong wrong wrong! And now I am frrrrrrrrustrated.


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