Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stem Nipper

An extremely disreputable juvenile Blue Jay in moulting, ratty plumage, in the fig tree (the figs are still hard and green, like most of us).

I had to snap him through the glass sliding door before he flew, so it's hard for you to see just how desperate he looked.

Is he, or isn't he the stem nipper

My vote might still be for the squirrel.


  1. hmmm-jays can be pretty narsty bad-ass creatures but squirrels are nibbling bastards. what does the mark look like, a beak or some little gnashy teeth?
    anyway both are little motherf*ckers i say.

    your fig tree looks beautimus! I just got two soft brown ones this morning and I will heed your advice to cut int he center--but wait can i do that now or must i wait til oruning time of year?
    mine is in now in full sun but now it seems like some of the leaves are burning..I AM TRYING TO REPLICATE A ONE FIG TURKISH FARM but it ain't working...

  2. Donatella con uccelliJuly 6, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    I vote yes. The bluejays in my backyard come up on the deck and eat the dry cat food from the cat's plate. Bold, they are bold....and loud.

  3. Whoever the stem nipper is, they nipped a strawberry

    Donatella, I quite like jays, but they pecked my figs last year.

  4. Is your fig tree in a pot? How do you protect it in the winter?

  5. Hi Anju - in my zone (7) it doesn't need protection in winter. I did at first by wrapping it and placing it under the table on my terrace, but did not in subsequent winters.

    There's more info here:



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