Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rooftop cherry tomatoes

Part of the LICH in the background (Hi Zippi!)...doctors' residences to the left, satellite dishes for my building on the right.

I bought these cages from American Hardware on Court Street - a store that shall live in infamy for Constanza and her blond wig (maybe she will consent to writing the story for us) and the store that specializes in items like Roundup, Miracle Gro and hardcore insecticides. But they had nice cages.

The Mexican heirloom tomatoes are beginning to ripen, even on the ailing plant with yellow leaves. I might have to sell just one box at a time. But that will look suspicious. A lady on the sidewalk saying, Please buy this box of cherry tomatoes? But they're local...

Below, you can see the roof of Raccoon House in the background. We seem to have reached a truce about watering after our landlord took our side in the drain argument.

There it is, then.

A roof farm in Brooklyn, day in, day out.


  1. How about a guided farm tour? I guess we'd need waivers...

  2. Marie,
    The beauty of the troglodytes climbing on their fur coats is unsurpassable by reality or art.
    About the incident at the hardware store, I feel like an overgrown hai-ku format could do it justice.

    Bruno said
    You ask too many questions
    Women do
    I left, tableless
    My terrace,
    An army of lawyers
    He was warned with
    his response to me
    like a clear river flowed

    go f*&ck yourself.
    A blonde I awoke
    took the day off
    walked in
    French rolling off of my tongue
    Last time you asked for the black one, he said
    Crooked wig, arms around box
    flagged a taxi
    in sweaty French, urgent,
    Bruno's effect.
    The table and the wig I have left behind
    Not Bruno's screams
    The occasional forests
    of his shoulders.

  3. day in, day out...where have I heard that before?

  4. Everything is maturing so fast on the farm, I'm impressed!


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