Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New York is melting

It is currently 100'F/38'C at 12:49 on Tuesday.


Then the hot, wet air will arrive. Not rain, humidity.

Just plain hell.

I never thought I would look forward to 30'c, projected for the end of this week.

Had a near meltdown yesterday when Raccoon House insisted I stop watering the plants as runoff was leaking into the partially abandoned building.

My plants will die, I said.

It's a long story and I'm too hot to tell it.

And Vince crawled about on the scorching tartop on the edge of the roof and found another blocked drain in the gutter, so hopefully that alleviates the problem.

I burned my hands putting all my body weight on the black metal rim of the trapdoor through which we have to haul ourselves to the roof - the usual method of access (no upper body strength, no access). But the black metal was sizzling. I howled like a banshee. After that we used heavy duty gloves.

The roof farm will expand. Kind Ellen has ferried four large, light pots from her house in Pennsylvania and tomorrow I fetch them in Manhattan.

I know
it's too late
to really make farms
in the sky
but I
intend to try


  1. How weird is it when New York is hotter than North Carolina in July? Only 91 here . . .

  2. how does Racoon House intend to stop the rain, which undoubtedly on occasion provides much more rain than you do to your sky farm pots?

  3. It really is Cat on a Hot Tar Roof. I do feel your pain.Humidity is hell.

  4. That's why we rarely use metal chairs in Arizona! Talk about the hot seat! I hope your hands are ok now... So, I agree with Donna... You can't stop the rain... Keep farmin. I enjoy following your adventure!

  5. Hey Karen - we win we win!

    Donna - yeah, Raccoon House. Gr.

    Frank - yup

    Beence, no not a monkey. A meenkey.

    MIT - poor cat is comatose

    RR - sizzlin seats, yowzer grillmarks on the backs of legs!


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