Friday, July 2, 2010


With next week's weather going high 90's, I don't think these will last...


  1. They look great with the colour of your wall.

    We've had hot temperatures over here too. 35c today.

  2. But so gorgeous today. Maybe take them inside and enjoy the fragrance for a few days?

  3. High 90s????Sainted mother! Will you guys last?
    (Estorbo - stop leeking so you can take off the shirt!)

  4. Rob, yes it's quite funny that I landed up painting it the colour of the lily-insides.

    webb - I've picked one and it's rather overpowering inside. Pictures. Will have to remember them that way.

    mt - yup. Ick does not begin to describe it. 96 this Sunday, plus humidity. Sob. Badcat. He has not stopped, even after antibiotics. Next step steroids :-(

  5. Those are my favorite kinds of lilies! I planted my bulbs late in the season, so they're not quite blooming yet. Any day now though...

  6. Hi Jeanne. They are called Silk Road. Star gazers are a little rich for my blood :-)


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