Friday, July 2, 2010

Is your dog's name Lucy?

Woods in spring
Do you live in DC? Are you a reader of 66 Square Feet? Are you at the beach this week? Did you meet Susan Harris of Garden Rant at the vet's the other day? Did you talk with her about this blog and that blog?

If your answers to all of the above are, Yes, that's me!, then Susan is desperately seeking you, to invite you to visit her garden, above (you lucky devils!).

Please get in touch with me so that I can put you in touch with Susan, who told me that you made her difficult day a little easier. She was too upset about her cat to get any contact details from you.


  1. No, my dog name is not Lucy, and I am happy like that.

  2. The vet's admin staff might agree to forward a little note to Lucy's owner, even if they can't provide you with confidential customer details? Just a thought! I know mine would....

  3. Hi dog names. Braque...this is why I let you stay, undeleted. Braque must be why, in Afrikaans, a mutt is called a brak!

    Rachel - how jolly sensible. Thank you :-)

  4. Thanks so much, Marie, for posting this!

    And Lucy's owner, if you read this, you can just email Oh, I remember now - you have my card. Sadly, I didn't get yours. I wanna see your garden, too, all those perennials.

    My cat died that night of leukemia, but my remaining cat tested neg for it, and I now have 2 adorable (what else?) kittens.

    If you and yours visit, bring Lucy!@


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