Monday, July 26, 2010


I took my walk-run (one block walk one block run one block walk etc) down over the Gowanus Canal on the Carroll Street bridge and saw the 9 million dollar aeration pipe now submerged in the greasy waters at slack tide.

I ran along deserted 3rd Avenue, a strip that remains undeveloped and pleasantly derelict.

Below: Architecture. On 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. Googling the intersection I came upon several remarks about the building which led to this Landmarks' decision.

I turned back to my hood of Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill by running over a bridge I didn't know about, on 3rd Street. A man climbed over and under a fence, carrying shopping, and walked along the canal. I think he must live there.

New graffiti and well established Queen Anne's lace, but no butterflies.

I exercised in a window of coolness, after rain, where we came out from under the stinking humidity of the last few days and into an atmosphere of breathability. Last night someone described living in New York at the moment like being trapped inside a dog's mouth. Amen.


  1. We have the butterflies but, Amen sister, we too have been trapped inside said dog's mouth; until this morning.

    I have the windows open. There is a breeze.

    Long live this morning.

  2. Dog's mouth is a good analogy! Don't envy you the humidity, do envy you being able to spend time in New York. It's on my 'to see and do' list - one day -

  3. I love the juxtaposition between the graffiti and the queens annes lace.

  4. Dog's mouth, indeed! This morning was lovely, but the humidity rolled back in at noon.

    The Queen Anne's Lace is lovely - especially growing wild with all the graffiti. Great to have a place to walk/run in the city.

  5. Ha, the dog's mouth is good. Sometimes it licks you.


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