Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Marukawa Gum. Photo: Cindy at Asian

Three years ago today I left a comment on a blog belonging to a Frenchman in Vancouver. He had the decency to come and look at my blog to see who this commenter was. To my everlasting good fortune, he liked what he found, in spite of having been looking for a long time. After some Marukawa gum, some banter, a story about black cats and the first of many, epic-length emails, the rest is happy history.


  1. How romantic! Makes me wonder whether all of life's joys boils down to chance. I guess you could also describe it as luck or divine intervention. Happy anniversary!

    P.S. - I love that gum!

  2. Proof that in the end, whatever the road we take we do somehow, end up right where we are suppose to be ;-)
    Don't you think?

  3. hoping for many more happy moments, which will doubtless be accompanied by good food. and documented, of course!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    Love you both so much

  5. we believe in magic. congrats!

  6. And believe it or not, I do remember seing ... un je ne sais quoi in the air, through your words.

    And I followed, from time to time.

    Now, I never comment but I read.

    Because it is difficult to find words for this so particular story.

    By the way... I am still waiting for the book about cities and reciepes, including "HDR" pictures, whatever HDR means.


  7. J'ai retrouvé mon com... datant du 25 août !

    Bon, et bien moi, je sais ce que je vais faire le 25 août. Champagne rosé au pied de la mini statue de la liberté à Paris, en votre honneur ! Parce que votre histoire fait un bien fou.


  8. Wonderful poem and story... congrats! :)

  9. Is it your anniversary? Congratulations.

  10. knithound - it can be...

    Thomas - chance, I think, mostly. Thank you - and I'm stocking up on gum to surprise Vince when he gets home tonight. Very low brow, I know.

    Anyes - luck, I think - too much bad stuff happens, too many mistakes are made in the world for me to think that everything happens for a (good) reason.

    donna - I hope to comply :-)

    Merci, Monsieur Frank...

    Hen - we love you back xxx

    Karen - I believe in magic in theory...hard to explain. I think we're in charge of the magic.

    Brigit - I just found your comment, too! Sante on the 25th...

    Blog Princess - thank you. It's good to see you again.

    Ellen - sort of. It's the connection through time and space.

  11. Very romantic ... I love the way the universe works these things out! Happy "First Contact" anniversary, Marie and Vince!


  12. The Man does not wish our long journey-before-togetherness to be blogged.
    But, as I think I said once to Beence, it was That Cad that made my connection to you.Yeah, alright, just mark me down as a sucker for cats!
    But I am glad I kept reading.

    Blogger!!!! this is Dinah from Idlethoughts.

  13. an anniversary...i love your story marie!

  14. How lovely- happy anniversary to you and Vince


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