Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bush cucumbers

Humour me while I luxuriate in a little cucumberish self-indulgence:

I went up to the roof yesterday, hands in heavy work gloves to deal with the hot trap door edges, and watered the pots. Saw many embryonic cucumbers. And then I saw some monsters. Well, relatively.

Hiding in the coolth of the leaves.

Not a week ago these were tiny!

The one above was terribly prickly. I don't know know about pickling prickles. I might have to shave them.

I am wondering whether the owner of 2 Goats Deli in Nieu Bethesda will give me his bread and butter pickle recipe if I ask nicely. They were delicious.

Slightly pale at the tips. Still, it's very exciting. My first cucumbers.


  1. Your cucumbers look great!

    I was just wondering - do you have a tap up there, or do you have to carry the water up the trapdoor too?

  2. Growing cucumbers is really very rewarding - they grow so easily and fast. I grow all my veg in troughs and I think cucumbers do the best out of all the veg.

    Did you notice that the plants have both male and female flowers? Have a look. The female flowers have minute cucumbers at the base of the flower, waiting for the flower to be pollinated after which time they just grow and grow...
    The male flowers are just flowers that fade and do nothing. Interesting, hey?

  3. Ansie - sjoe, darem nie! There is tap on the terrace and I split it so that a hose reaches the roof.

    Lyn, funny you should mention that. Bonbon had the same epiphany recently:

  4. I think the spines get all soft and unnoticeable when you pickle them, and some will come off - wear down? - when you wash the cukes before pickling.

    Wonderful crop!!

  5. If he won't give you his recipe, I'll give you mine!

    1. I would like your recipe. I like dill and bread n butter pickles. Thank you. C. J.


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