Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bush cucumbers

Humour me while I luxuriate in a little cucumberish self-indulgence:

I went up to the roof yesterday, hands in heavy work gloves to deal with the hot trap door edges, and watered the pots. Saw many embryonic cucumbers. And then I saw some monsters. Well, relatively.

Hiding in the coolth of the leaves.

Not a week ago these were tiny!

The one above was terribly prickly. I don't know know about pickling prickles. I might have to shave them.

I am wondering whether the owner of 2 Goats Deli in Nieu Bethesda will give me his bread and butter pickle recipe if I ask nicely. They were delicious.

Slightly pale at the tips. Still, it's very exciting. My first cucumbers.

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