Sunday, July 11, 2010

After the rain

We have been waiting for the rain.

It was a humid but easy 82'F today.

The herbs are on full throttle.

I let two of the basil go to seed.

And then came the heavy round drops plummeting hard from the clouds. No more than fifteen minutes.

The gutter filled up anyway. Raccoon House will leak again.

The Dunyazades are the last act of lilies.

They ooze sweet nectar as each flower matures. But these are water drops.

I celebrated with a mojito heavy on the lime juice and fresh with terrace mint.


  1. We got a few hours of rain on Fire Island yesterday. I LOVE rain.

    Apparently we had a day of it here in Virginia Saturday. Thank the Goddess.

    It's too nerve wracking to go away in the summer. How is the garden, how is the garden is a constant mental refrain.

    Yours looks lovely.

  2. Despite my despair that we got no measurable rain, I applaud yours. There is still rain forecast later in the week, so there is still hope.

    The lilies are lovely and so refreshing with their rain drops still there.

  3. Bring on the rain! My grass is brown!


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