Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When spring and cars collide

So much for street plantings...

Casualties? One procumbent juniper in pot, two trash cans (one city, one private), and a branch torn off the already beleaguered quince. Fortunately no cyclist in the bike lane, and none of the stroller brigade on the sidewalk. I'm no fan of the latter but even I draw the line at squished infants.

I have no idea how she (on the far side of the car) managed to do this. The cops on the other side of the street had an expression of apathetic distaste. She was smoking a cigarette.

Hm. Maybe I should have snagged the empty planter?


  1. i expect a cell phone of some sort was involved. texting while driving -- it's not just for the suburbs anymore.

  2. I hope she had to clean it up. What a mess!

    Christine in Alaska


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