Friday, April 23, 2010

It is a champagne day in New York and on the terrace. Crystal clear, cool. High blue sky, bright green leaves and promise. Dinner will be Roger Verge's Swiss chard and black olive tart. The dough is quick and made with an unlikely quantity of good olive oil. Think Provence...

Two David Austin roses arrive on Tuesday in 3 gallon pots. Pat Austin and Eglantyne. I was surprised at the size of the pots. Big. By mail.

I realized that I could not live without repeat-blooming roses on the terrace. Their old English petals and forms soothe the heart and mind more than one would imagine. It's all Bonbon's fault, anyway. She shopped there first. I am sorry not to have replaced the Abraham Darby. The poor thing put out two shoots this week. Now what do I do?


  1. where's the recipe for that chard? sounds fab.

  2. eglantyne rose...when you said that it reminded me..i had one ages ago..and it was a beauty..

    LOVE those david austen roses...

    i got one this year at the nursery for the only reason being it's name...NIGHT OWL. a rose named night could i pass that up? i couldn't. the petals are so dark purple..almost black..and it's a climber...

    and yes..what about that recipe..i would love to make salad and a glass of white wine...yum.

    and thanks for stopping by and welcoming my sweet TEDDY..what a lamb of love...we adore him...

  3. Most lovely photo of the Corydalis!

  4. Karen - Recipe coming later :-)

    MFK - (hey...excellent foodie initials, btw) I'm gad you liked your Eglantyne - it was my second choice after Alnwick had sold out...Night Owl. What a funny name! Look forward to a picture.

    Thank you, Frank. It is very photogenic.


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