Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter on Congress Street

This is the tree on the corner of Congress and Henry, in the garden that makes beautiful roses in late May.

Three doors down on Congress.

A small Easter egg hunt on the terrace this morning. One egg had melted and one had been tasted by a snail. Three more lilies, including my most mature Silk Road, had also been decimated. First time ever. It may be a day of rejoicing and hope, but not if you're a snail on my terrace. It's war.

On a brighter note, but not for lambs - tonight's deboned leg of lamb has been marinating in a marinade of yogurt, garlic and...horseradish! Fresh horseradish is around, because of Pesach, and I have hardly ever used it. It's wonderful, very hot, straight-up-the-nose kind of hot, like wasabi, which is of course a kind of horseradish. We'll braai it tonight. With West Coast asparagus, and strawberries for dessert.

Happy Easter.


  1. The Magnolias are beautiful, the lamb sounds delicious. I remember my sister putting out "snail bait" in Cape Town to protect her plants- do they have such a thing here? Does it work to put out shallow containers of beer?

    Happy Easter.

    Simba's Mom, Pam

  2. Snails and slugs don't travel far for a meal. If you scratch around under the leaves and around the base of the plants, you should be able to locate him hiding in the moist soil. I either apply a little pressure or practice division with the snips. (smile) IF you really want to go the slug/snail bait route, use Dead like a charm.

  3. Beer has always worked for me when attempting to rid gardens of snails. Enjoy your delicious dinner and Happy Easter to you and Vince.


  4. Hi Pam - yeah, snail bait, I remember the stuff. Wasn't it pink or blue? I was thinking diatomaceous earth, but that's pretty awful too.

    Iona, I think beer traps. Don't worry, I search thrice a day for the buggers and keep finding more. You do know there's a very nice wine named after you, don't you?

    Hi Keli'i, thank you and Happy Easter to you too.

  5. My dinner will be lamb shank with lentils and dates and raisins and brown rice. Lamb will be spiced with allspice and cinnamon and cooked for at least 3 hours.

    Get those pesky snails drunk and then stomp them, will 'ya? Tell them we are looking for pretty pictures every day....not pictures of half-eaten flowers! Tell 'em that is why they have to die. Blame it on us bloggers!

  6. beautiful magnolias, rascally slugs. and you say pesach like such a pro...oxoxox


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